What are KUDOS?:
Kudos are rewards from us to you to use for any products on our website! 
You use Kudos as you would a discount code at checkout and will see the discount on your total order before checking out. 
Just like a discount code, only ONE Kudos code can be use per order. 

Kudos CAN NOT be applied to an order if you are purchasing a DISCOUNT BUNDLE, as the discount bundle already has a discount code applied to the order and you can not apply more than one discount code per order. 

Do I still get FREE SHIPPING?:
YES! As long as your total AFTER your discount is over $35, you can still get FREE USA shipping! 

How long are my Kudos good for?:
Kudos last 1 year (365 days)

How to use your KUDOS:
When you REDEEM your Kudos, you will receive an e-mail with a code to use at checkout. You will have to have access to the e-mail that you used when setting up your Kudos account.

Where to find your KUDOS:
You can also view your redeems Kudos right from your Kudos dashboard as well. Please see the video below on how to navigate your kudos. 


We can NOT add or adjust your Kudos to your account.
You must be logged into your Kudos account before purchasing in order to earn your Kudos points. 

We can NOT adjust your Kudos for an order once your order is placed.