“Kryptonite”-White/Green GLOW Glitter Mix

“Kryptonite”-White/Green GLOW Glitter Mix
“Kryptonite”-White/Green GLOW Glitter Mix
“Kryptonite”-White/Green GLOW Glitter Mix

“Kryptonite”-White/Green GLOW Glitter Mix

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Charges by UV Light 

Ultra Fine 1/128 size. 

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  • TOP GRADE Polyester Glitter

WHAT IS IT?- The science behind this glow! 
This fine glow glitter option is a glitter/glow powder mix, that gives you the best of both worlds. It allows you to use a fine glitter and still get the glow. Glow glitter film that actually has the glow feature in the glitter film itself is very thick. The thicker a glitter film is, the bigger the cut has to be- as when you cut a thicker film smaller, the pieces of glitter will split. 
Due to this glow option being a mixture, you will have to see what works best for you when applying to avoid a splotchy look. We here at IPP prefer the Mod Podge method, with 2 coats of glitter for the best coverage. Please see picture below as an example of this method when working with a color from this fine glitter/glow mixture. 

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